 A smart android app for factory audit with factory layout and storing related media files.
Backend: A preparatory customized micro service based framework.
 An android client for the drivers of a logistics management system
Backend: A preparatory customized micro service based framework, Google’s direction
 An android app which will provide customized offer based on users data like calendar
events, location etc.
Backend: Laravel 5.4

 Android client for sales-order processing, tracking, doctor visiting, planning
For a reputed pharmaceutical company of Bangladesh
Technology: Android, J2EE, MSSQL
 Customized Enterprise Mobile Management with WSO2
For a reputed telecom company of Bangladesh
Technology: Open source WSO2 server with android client agent, clustered app server.
 Android Audio Player (Encrypted Music player and integrate with online music portal)
Technology: Android, Web service.
 Web portal for Call Detail Record (CDR) searching, generate reports and sync data from
main database.
For a reputed telecom company of Bangladesh
Technology: J2EE, Oracle(PL/SQL)
 A website with Live Steaming and VOD
Technology: Wowza, PHP Custom Framework (MVC), MySQL

 GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM based on Navit(Open source)
Technology: C, GTK library (WinCE)
 OFF DOC Management System (ODMS ERP)
Technology: Spring 2.5, Hibernate 2, Oracle 10, Tomcat, ANT, Jquery, Json, iReport
 Web based Doctor Information Management
Technology: Yii(PHP framework) and MySQL
 My Medical Neighbors(Android Application)
Technology: Android, Web service

 Online Hajj Management System
 Online Exam Management System
 Online Doctor Management System
 Utility bill management System
Technology: PHP, CSS, Jquery, MySQL
 TMSS Renewable Energy (Solar Home System) installment management
Technology: PHP, MYSQL, GSM modem(SMS send & receive)